Siyah – Mahlas Buduhi

First EP of my band Siyah, Mahlas Buduhi, was released on November, 2015.

I co-produced and co-arranged all the songs as well as playing electric bass on them.


Label: Gevrec Music Production

Production and Arrangements: Siyah

Recording: Gevrec Music Production

Mix: Sabi Saltiel (Gevrec Music Production)

Mastering: Barış Baykan (Gevrec Music Production)


Dünya Kızılçay: Vocal, Trombone, Rhodes (Zar), Melotron (Zar)

Bora Bekiroğlu: Electric Bass, Backing Vocal (Birader)

Sabi Saltiel: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Rhodes (Selam), Backing Vocal (Birader)

Barış Baykan: Drums & Percussion, Backing Vocal (Birader)


Cover Art:

Photography: Bora Bekiroğlu

Key Art: Jankat Yılmaz

Model: Arbil Tabur

Styling: Meltem Pamuk


Special Thanks: Makbule Bekiroğlu, Tahsin Bekiroğlu, Tayfun Tuğberk Bekiroğlu, Eda Kızılçay, Sofya Kızılçay, Moşe Saltiel, Sima Saltiel, Melis Saltiel, Ayşe Baykan, Rasim Baykan, Melis Baykan, Ekin Cengizkan, Catherina De Cramer, Meltem Pamuk, Arbil Tabur, Jankat Yılmaz

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